Monday, July 14, 2014

Super Moon...

When I overheard the new about the super moon recently, I wanted to make snap of it. Unfortunately for me, Sky on the day (July 12) was full of clouds here in Taipei. However, I managed to capture a decent view of it on the day after. 

According to NASA, "perigee moon" is the scientific term for a super moon. It means the moon is at the point in its orbit that brings it closer to Earth. The result is that the world’s closest neighbor appears larger and brighter than usual – with breath-taking results.

Day after a Super Moon - 2014/07/13

I still have two more chances for this year, two other supermoons will appear later this summer on 10 August and 9 September. Let’s see how that goes.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Colombo to Taipei...

I just wanted to see the distance from Colombo to Taipei, the two capital cities of Sri Lanka and Taiwan respectively. I'm originally from Sri Lanka now in Taiwan, though I've been here for almost three years now didn't actually wanted to see how far actually I am away from my home. I had a rough figure around 3000kms and that seems to be a bad estimation, as it turned out to be actually around  ~4800 km. The circumference of Earth at the equator is about 40,075 km. Well with compared to that, this is just 1/10 of it... 

Colombo to Taipei

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sunsets to Nangang...

It was a beautiful view of the sunsets from my office room at the 11th floor at Academia Sinica over the Nangang Mountains. Reminds me of the panoramic sunsets that I used to have from my office at the Chinese Culture University in Yangmingshan.

Sunsets to Nangang Mountains