Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bird Watching at Ingiriya Forest Reserve (Bodhinagala)

Ingiriya Forest Reserve (Bodhinagala) is also an “Aranya senasanaya” Situated in the western province of Sri Lanka. This is a secondary lowland rain forest patch in the area of Ingiriya. The get way to this precious places lies on the Panadura – Rathnapura main road. Along this road few kilometers passing the Horana town towards Ingiriya, Bodhinagala junction is the place where the rout to “Aranya senasanaya” starts. The entrance to the reserve & “Aranya senasanaya” is at the end of this route which is Couple of kilometers from the main road. As one of the  famous “Aranya senasanaya” in  the area the get way to this place is not a difficult task and the direction sing boards are also have being established along the road. 
The forest reserve consists of two mountains which are surrounded by the villages. Inside the forest there are concreted routes created in favor of the Buddhists monks lived here for the meditations. It seems that the forest is being disturbed by the people who visits the place, even though there are separated visiting hours for them.

This reserve has being considered as one of the rich spot for bird watching. When looking at the avian fauna of the area it is very significant as one of the best sites for the rare endemic bird, Green - Billed Coucal. Some of the highlights of the birdlife at Ingiriya Forest Reserve (Bodhinagala) include;

  • Hanging Parrot [E],
  • Green Billed Coucal [E],
  • Spur Fowl [E],
  • Yellow Fronted Barbet [E],
  • Layard's Parakeet [E],
  • Grey Hornbill [E],
  • Malabar Trogon,
  • Emerald Dove,
  • Greater crested Drongo,
  • Dark fronted Babbler,
  • Black napped Monarch,
  • Tickell’s Blue fly catcher etc
[E] = Endemic


  1. I'm really interested in having a visit here. Do we need to have a guide to take us in? Or can we just arrive and look around? We would obviously be quiet - for the birds and also for the meditations here. Can anyone help answer my questions?

  2. Apitath ona danayak laba ganna me araya senasanayata.kohomada aka kara ganna

  3. Apitath ona danayak laba ganna me araya senasanayata.kohomada aka kara ganna