Friday, July 20, 2012

The Golden Waterfall in Taiwan

Gold Waterfall or golden waterfall is located near Zihciang Bridge and Changren Mining Area, Rueifang District, Keelung, Northern Taiwan. Water of this particular waterfall comes from the upstream of the Jingua Stone area which flows through the copper and iron ores of the area, which brings the pigments to form the golden waterfall. Its much beautiful in the evenings where the sun sets to the waterfall. The contrasting colors of yellow/orange with the vegetation patches of green gives a spectacular view. No wonder this area is one of the most popular spot for wedding photography in Northern Taiwan.

Near by the Golden Waterfall, you can also see the Yin-Yang Sea (two colored sea) where the sediment runoff from the old mining sites with a yellow/orange color meets with the blue sea water, and the place called “Thirteen Level”, Ruins of a copper smelter built along the hillside where this area once the prime site of gold, copper and iron mining in Taiwan. 

Gold Waterfall, Keelung, Taiwan

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