Monday, March 4, 2013

Wildlife of Formosa...

Taiwan is an island nation which is half the size of Sri Lanka (36,193 km2) in the western Pacific and straddling the Tropic of Cancer. Taiwan has a range of climatic zones from tropical to temperate, resulting in tremendous Biodiversity. However, the recent boost in economy with the increase of development  in the latter part of the 20th century, has given rise to serious issues related to the environment of the country. The country boast of over 20% of protected areas of its land cover.
Its claim to have a total of 1,257 fauna species, where 252 of them are endemic to the country (20%). The situation of the floral community is total species, 4,077 and endemic species of 1,067 (26%). You can find more information here
Following are some small collection of wildlife encountered by my stay in Taiwan, since 2011. 

The Central Formosa Toad - Bufo bankorensis (Bufonidae family) is a big toad species endemic to Taiwan. Very common toad in Taiwan. Habitat loss, collection for food and traditional medicine are common threats to this fork.

Babina adenopleura (Ranidae family) is a medium-sized frog species found in Taiwan, China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand.IUCN Conservation status of this species is Least Concern (LC). [Previously known as Rana adenopleura]

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